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Bedfont Smokerlyzer

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Helping People To StopSmoking with a Smokerlyzer® CO Monitor

A simple breath test with a Smokerlyzer® CO monitor willmeasure the levels of toxic carbon monoxide (CO) inhaled from tobacco smoke. CO in itself isharmful, as it reduces the amount of oxygen taken up by the body, but it can also act as anindicator as to the possible level of some 4,000 toxic substances in cigarette smoke, 60 of whichcause cancer.

The Smokerlyzer® range of carbon monoxide (CO) monitors and testers is used duringsmoking cessation programmes to give the smoker visible proof of the damaging CO levels and to helpmotivate by charting the progress during the programme. All the instruments are surgicallynon-invasive, lightweight, battery powered, simple to operate and use hygienic inexpensivedisposable mouthpieces.

The Smokerlyzer® CO monitor range is clinically proven and has become thebenchmark used throughout the world by health professionals working in smoking cessation programmesand research.

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