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Send Us The Messiah

Send Us The Messiah June 19, 2010.

For over 2000 years the Jews have been crying out for theMessiah. Please Lord God send us the Messiah they prayed. Billions of Muslim have prayed to God tosend them al-Mahdi. Of course the Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah that could not stop WorldWar I, World War II, Vietnam or the Iraq war. In fact they believed Jesus was a warmonger.
WhenGod answers their prayers and sends them someone to help them, they reject him. They want a Catholicpriest that molest children to be their Messiah. They want the president who was elected byterrorist organizations like the NRA, that guarantee people they will always have lethal weapons tokill people, as long as they are donating money to them, to be the savior. They pray to God for aMessiah, God sends them a Messiah and they call the Messiah a lunatic because it doesn't fit thebelief system, that they were brainwashed by the devil with. These church preacher's don't have anyof the answers to world problems and I have them all. But the church preacher's and TV evangelistsare so evil, that they will claim that anyone who has all the answers is the devil, and anyone whodoesn't know anything, is a man of God. That doesn't even make sense. But I don't believe it isGod's will to save fools. If they rejected me as the Messiah they have chosen death for themselves.God is not going to send another Messiah because you are going to reject him to. Let the oil leakuntil he kills everyone I don't care. I tried to help but nobody wanted it. But please, stoppraying to God for someone to help with the oil leak. He already sent me and you rejected me. Stoppraying to God about all the starvation in the world, I have the answers but you all rejected. Iwill send some ideas to the devil to exterminate the evil gun owners. Lead is the most toxicsubstance on earth and everyone who keeps lead bullets in their home will poison the whole Family.Don't even live in house where the neighbors have lead bullets, least it contaminate your children.God is going to make the lead bullets more Toxic, as the evil gun owners, refuse to give up theirweapons, killing thousands every year. Lead is a magnet for radiation. The Lord is going to use thedevil to make all bullets radio active, killing all in the home that own a gun. The NRA will blamethe Government for the contaminated weapons, because they do not believe in God and all they careabout is the money, made from selling guns and NRA memberships. There is a abundance of toxicradiation at nuclear power plants. This radiation when applied to guns or bullets can make them hotfor 300,000 years. The contaminated guns will be sold at gun shows and sold on the black market torid the world of criminals and drug dealers. The radiation in one bullet will be low, not enough toharm anyone. But those who hoard weapons and have many bullets will have lethal amount of radiationto contaminate all in that drug dealers or NRA terrorist home. The gun show loophole will eventuallybe closed. Gun owners will die of faster than cigarette smokers from the toxic lead. Just like ittook 50 years of over half a million people a year dying from cigarettes, it will take another 50years and a half million gun owners dying from the radiation, before someone claims they are toxic.There is no way to measure these mycotoxins and no way to prove the guns and bullets are toxicexcept for the fact the gun owners will be dying of faster than cigarette smokers. The gun ownersare evil. They use lethal bullets in their guns when they could've used rubber bullets to stop acrime. They knew lead was toxic and they shot it into the environment and our water systems. Theyknew the word "hunter" was not in our Constitution and they broke the Constitution of the UnitedStates. They wanted to kill people, without a trial, without a jury and without a judge. Do untoothers as they do unto you. When the CIA sells illegal gun dealers some hot guns, they are reallygoing to mean "hot guns".

Send Us The Messiah


Timothy Allen Campbell

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All Rights Reserved


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