Samstag, 26. März 2011

The Guild - Episode 5: Rather Be Raiding

Codex struggles to keep the Guild meeting on track, and everything turns out great! Not.

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Created and starring Felicia Day (Buffy The VampireSlayer, Monk, House, Dollhouse). Directed by Jane Selle Morgan - and Produced byFelicia Day, Kim Evey (Producer, Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show) and Jane Selle Morgan

EnglishSubtitles: Dani Figueiredo
Dutch Subtitles: Sebastiaan van Dijk
Portuguese Subtitles: DanielaFigueiredo, Rodolfo Cid and SomeLazyDr
Italian Subtitles: Francesco Spreafico
Russian Subtitles:Roman Rausch
Polish Subtitles: Krystian Aparta
Greek Subtitles: Chryssa Rapessi
Czech Subtitles: Jan'Zoidy' Hunka
Spanish Subtitles: Pablo Lopez Vila
German Subtitles: Christian Oppel

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